3rd QTR TOP VIEW: What We’ve Been Doing

Alisa spent her time off this summer camping at Twin Lakes, heading to Yachats to escape the smoke, and practicing her skills as a used car saleswoman on Craigslist.  Her youngest son Alex just turned 16 so she’s no longer tasked with being a chauffeur, and she is enjoying her newfound freedom.

Marvin escaped the heat of Oregon and went to Phoenix, Arizona for a week.  It was quite hot there too, but no smoke.  He went to attend a friend’s surprise birthday party and met up with an old classmate from Culver now living in Arizona, and enjoyed seeing everyone.  As fall arrives, he will miss the warm weather, but not the smoke. Josh has been busy traveling and spending as much time outdoors (and away from the smoke) as possible, and climbing each of the Cascade volcanoes.  He watched the eclipse from Madras, and was fortunate to be able to spend a few weeks working out of the Bend office this summer.

This summer has provided many distractions for Cheri.  With friends and family in harm’s way from wildfires and hurricanes, the Eclipse has almost been forgotten.  Thankfully everyone is safe.  She has been enjoying the company of her parents, who escaped the Arizona heat by coming to Bend for a few months.  It has worked out well, especially since her Mother likes to garden and bake.  With fall just around the corner, she is working to accomplish her summer goals.  Who knows, she may get the garage cleaned out yet!

Shelly has had a great summer. She was able to attend 2 weddings, one for a niece and another for a nephew.  She reconnected with family members she hasn’t spent time with in several years. She was excited to be able to take a week with her family and go enjoy the milder weather at the beach. The rest of the summer was spent gardening, camping and getting together with friends.  As the weather cools down she is looking forward to going for long walks in the evening and watching the colors change on the trees. She is getting ready to start renovating her home and hopes to have some major projects completed before the winter sets in

Cheri welcomed her first Granddaughter on May 23rd. Maia was born to Cheri’s son Josh and his fiancé Melanie. Weighing 11.5 pounds at birth, she has chubby cheeks, lots of dark hair, and big, dark eyes. Cheri admits the best part is when Maia’s fussy, she gets to hand her back to her parents! She likes that they live in town and she can see Maia frequently. Besides her Granddaughter, Cheri is keeping busy tending to all of the flowers she bought this spring. She admits she went overboard and now realizes if she didn’t have so many, she would have more free time. Early on she was worried about the frost and would cover them nightly. Now she’s worried about the heat and has to water them at least daily. Maybe next spring she’ll learn some restraint.

Audra had a very busy and eventful summer, and it seemed far too short! On August 21st she got to watch the Solar Eclipse together with a nice group of Lithuanian friends, and soon after the eclipse her granddaughter was born.  She’s a very happy Grandma.

Tyler and his family had a good summer.  Even though the baseball ended sooner than they wanted, it meant they were able to take a family camping trip to Northern Idaho and Glacier National Park in Montana.  Now that school has started again Tyler and Catherina are busy driving kids around Oregon watching youth sports.

Sarah is dividing her time between tracking market and economic data, political events, natural disaster relief efforts and how many days it’s been since her new baby Archer pooped last. She is looking forward to a visit from her folks from Alaska this fall. Grandma and Grandpa will get in some long anticipated baby time.  Sarah has big plans to see a movie with her husband, eat a meal using both hands, get a haircut, or take a nap, all being equally appealing options.


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