Tyler and Josh highlight the kick-off to third quarter earnings season, stellar retail sales numbers, and the ongoing underlying rotation.

Tyler and Josh discuss the “reflation” narrative, highlight the impact of rising yields on fixed income portfolios, and how we’re positioned to respond.  

Tyler and Josh discuss spiking yields, and what it means for our portfolios.  

Tyler and Josh discuss the ongoing rotation into Small Caps and Emerging Markets and what it means for our portfolios.

Tyler and Josh discuss this week’s retail-driven chaos captivating markets, and how it relates to your money.

Tyler and Josh discuss stimulus and Federal Reserve driven markets, and highlight the politically motivated decision-making we’ve seen as a result of the Senate results in Georgia.

Tyler Simones and Troy Reinhart wrap-up 2020. Happy Holidays from the whole team at Northwest Quadrant, and we’re all looking forward to 2021.

Tyler Simones and Josh Fenili discuss the ebullient sentiment engulfing markets in the closing weeks of 2020. Are markets priced for perfection?

Originally appeared in Segment 2 of 12/5/2020’s Financial Focus Radio Show. www.northwestquadrantwealth.com www.financialfocusradio.com

Tyler Simones and Josh Fenili discuss the continued rotation underpinning markets, and highlight some of the speculative excesses occurring in segments of the market.

Troy Reinhart and Josh Fenili discuss the outperformance of Value and Small Caps in the wake the election and vaccine developments. Troy also highlights his recent experience with his Dad’s estate.