Tyler and Josh discuss the ongoing rotation into “value” stocks, rising rates, and what it means for our asset allocation.

Tyler and Josh discuss the eleven day monster rally in the S&P500, and what markets will soon be re-centering attention upon. We also highlight recent changes in our fixed income portfolios.

Tyler and Josh highlight recent client concerns, address historical context surrounding global macro events and markets, and re-visit recency bias.

Tyler and Josh discuss January’s stock sell-off, the Fed’s about-face, and changing market expectations.

Tyler and Josh recap the first two weeks of 2022, and discuss the dramatic shifts in markets that began the day after Thanksgiving.

Tyler and Josh highlight the last week’s double-negative surprise, the reversal in small caps, and the treasury rally.

Tyler and Josh discuss inflation, and discuss implications for our client portfolios as well as the factors driving our investment allocation decisions.

Tyler and Josh reiterate what seems like the constant theme of 2020: a resurgence of the reflation trade, rising short-term yields, and the redefining of “transitory”.

Tyler and Josh highlight the kick-off to third quarter earnings season, stellar retail sales numbers, and the ongoing underlying rotation.

Tyler and Josh discuss the “reflation” narrative, highlight the impact of rising yields on fixed income portfolios, and how we’re positioned to respond.