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When advising clients our guiding principle is to act consistent with what the client would do if they knew everything about investing.

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The Northwest Quadrant Way

Our only motivation is your success. That’s why we adhere to simple, proven strategies based on data—not opinion or emotion—resulting in low-cost, tax-efficient investments tailored to your goals. Our pragmatic, client-focused approach makes us different. It also makes your investments successful.

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We seek to ascertain the motivating purpose behind our client’s investment objectives, enabling us to individually tailor portfolios to achieve each client’s goals. We examine each client’s true tolerance for risk, investment time horizon, income needs, and special considerations. We then devise a portfolio capable of both realizing future goals and fulfilling the purpose for which the money is being invested.

Create and

Our portfolios are built around the principle of actively managing passive investments. We believe in owning the right assets in the right proportions, based upon the individual needs, goals, and aspirations of each specific client. We understand that different proportions of assets drive different outcomes and work painstakingly to create portfolios that implement each client’s needs.


The continuous appraisal and ongoing evaluation of each and every portfolio is the underpinning of everything we do as asset managers. Ever-evolving markets and changing client circumstances make regular communication, an ongoing dialogue, and periodic adjustments to the composition of our portfolios all critical components of our services. As asset-weightings deviate from our initially contemplated positions, we systematically rebalance to bring our portfolios back in line with the client’s initial objectives.


We believe in low-cost index investing. Keeping underlying costs low drives additional positive performance of a portfolio over time. We also believe in transparent fees as an imperative to a relationship contingent on trust.

Maximizing Risk
Adjusted Returns

The asset allocation decision is the main driver of any portfolio’s return. The most important aspect of our relationship with our clients is truly deciphering the client’s risk-tolerance. We seek to balance the aspirations of growth with the necessity of capital preservation in individually tailoring portfolios that align with the expectations of our clients.


The maximization of returns is highly contingent on the individual client’s tax situation, and as such, tax-efficiency is an essential criteria of our investment strategy. Annual tax-loss harvesting, avoidance of unnecessary capital gains distributions, and insightful “asset location” decisions are important pillars of our services.

Honest, transparent, and only doing what’s best for you. Northwest Quadrant is here to put you first.

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Pursue your wealth goals with proven-effective strategies customized for your unique needs, aspirations, and risk tolerance.

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Get ahead of the unexpected with a fully integrated financial and wealth management plan that works for your life today and tomorrow.

Retirement Planning

Establish your future peace of mind now with a retirement plan built for a variety of scenarios and flexible enough to evolve with you.

Is your investment advisor doing what’s best for you, or what’s best for them? We put your needs first—period.

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